“I Want Less Government!”

I have heard this phrase being parroted by so many people that the term has just become background noise. However, the actual context of this hit me one day while I was cooking dinner. The sixty-five-inch television on the living room wall was on a random news network. Apparently, an investigative reporter was interviewing people regarding what they wanted their particular candidate to do. In that short segment, I heard four out of seven people say, “I want less government,” followed mainly by “in our lives.”

My mind started turning over the phrase as I chopped onions. Precisely what does less government mean? I thought. Although I wasn’t watching the television, I replayed the interviews in my head. Then thought about all the times I’ve heard it repeated by people. Yes, it seems I keep hearing this from Conservatives. I thought with a frown.

But what does “I Want Less Government” actually mean? What kind of less government, and who would that benefit? Maybe I just mistrust politicians so much that I automatically concluded that it would not benefit more than 90% of the citizens in the United States. Yes, that was my initial thought before I even started to research. Shame on me for predetermining the outcome!

So let’s dive in and see if my initial conclusion was correct. Here is just the main bullet point I found in my research of what Conservatives and Libertarians want for us.

  1. Remove Public Schools and offer a school Voucher program instead
  2. Removal of The federal government in determining educational standards
  3. Abolish any mention of slavery in textbooks
  4. Remove Agricultural subsidies for small-town farmers
  5. Eliminate Social Security
  6. Eliminate Medicare
  7. Eliminate Medicaid
  8. Eliminate Social Security Disability
  9. Eliminate Environmental Protection Agency
  10. Eliminate Welfare Programs
  11. More tax for the lower-income population and less tax for the wealthy (WTF)
  12. Eliminate Public-Funded Radio Networks
  13. Eliminate Public Funded Television Networks
  14. Eliminate the minimum wage and allow companies to choose what they are willing to pay
  15. Eliminate the Clean Air Act
  16. Eliminate the Clean Water Act
  17. Rewrite the United State Constitution

Yes, my initial gut conclusion was correct! The agenda of the Republican party, the Conservative Party, and the Libertarian Party are on the same general path for America. More for the rich and powerful and less for everyone else. It is dangerous to lump all of these right-wing fundamentalists into one cart as there are variations and disagreements between parties and even within the same party. But it seems there are more radicals driving the car and very few or weak-minded back-seat drivers amongst the parties.

This would be an awfully long post if I were to break all of these agendas down, let alone a lot of research. But I will be posting the actual plans very soon. What I have uncovered so far is terrifying for 80% of Americans.

I will tell you right now, VOTE ALL BLUE THIS ELECTION SEASON OF 2022! I don’t care if you don’t like the person running; it is time to VOTE FOR THE LESSER EVIL so we can buy a little more time. The coming agenda has been in the works for over fifty years and is slowly coming to fruition. Trust me, you don’t want their ultimate plan to happen! You have nothing to lose by voting blue and everything to lose by voting red.

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