Pandemic and Flu Mask Wearing

Mask wearing in highly infectious areas

While on my way to the hospital this morning so my spouse could have a heart procedure done, I had a random thought.

Wouldn’t it make sense that when you go to a doctor’s office or hospital that a mask should have always been worn, even before the pandemic?

If I’m going to a doctor’s office because I have pain in my side and a few seats down from me someone has the flu, now my chances of getting the flu have just increased. Yes, there is a debate about which type of mask is the best, but wouldn’t any face-covering help keep that man’s flu germs from spreading happily through the waiting room? Humanity’s known how the flu spreads for a long time, especially since the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. So why wasn’t wearing a mask in highly infectious areas always a rule?

With that thought in mind, when COVID-19 spread across the globe, especially in America, would we have had such a terrible political situation regarding masks if we were already used to wearing them in highly infectious areas?

What do you think?

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