From ‘Not My President’ to ‘Fuck Biden’

I remember not long ago when Candidate Trump won the 2016 election and became President. It wasn’t a win by popular vote but by the Electoral College. That is how the United States elections work here, on the principle of the Electoral College established by our Founding Fathers.

I have not agreed with this way of voting for a long time, but it is our system and should be respected. I bring up this point because, in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million people. That is not a tiny number, and thinking of all those people, it makes sense that nearly every major city in the United States found itself inundated with peaceful protests.

During the weeks following the election, social media exploded with people ranting that “Trump Is Not My President.” I was not among those; however, my close friends did know my opinion on Trump. My best friend from childhood, nearly a sister because we grew up together, is on the opposite political side as me. I don’t love her any less but have witnessed the radical change in her thinking as I have seen in so many people that only get their news from Fox Opinion Media Network. (I am not sorry for not using the term ‘news’ because they are far from a news network, but that is another story.)

In one of my discussions with, Mary, she turned around and said: “Well, he is your President, Craig!”

“Yes, I know,” I replied calmly. “I never said he wasn’t my President, but that does not mean I have to respect him. Respect is earned, and in my opinion, he is not a respectful person; therefore, does not deserve my respect in return. I have never totally agreed with any president. I agree with some things and disagree with others. I don’t agree just because the person is on my team.” More than anything, I do remember how outraged Trump supporters were. They couldn’t believe people were saying this about a sitting president of the United States. It was disrespectful. It was Hateful. They were sore losers. They wanted people to “Get Over It!” And “Give Trump a Fair Chance!”

Their outrage was only because it was their team was in the crosshairs. Their cries of fairness, respect, and asking for peace evaporated like wispy fog once Trump lost the 2020 election. Almost immediately, signs and bumper stickers and flags materialized with “Fuck Biden” and other derogatory statements that persist two years later. It saddens me every time I see these flags and bumper stickers because what do these messages say to children? I understand they are angry; they lost by almost the same margin Trump called a landslide in 2016. Why can’t they just say “I don’t agree,” or even just “Not My President,” why the vulgarity? Why call a sitting Vice-President a Ho?

I’ve heard supporters say she must have “slept her way to the top, what a whore.” In front of children.

I do not respect these Trump Supporters who change their position as easily as the sand on the beach changes its design. You earn respect, and these people have no respect for the Constitution, political system, justice department, American Values, or the next generation.

I fear for our country if Trump Republicans gain office positions this year and in 2024. America is balancing on a pinhead, and if they win, we may not have an America anymore.

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