Raid on Trump’s Florida Home


Trump supporters are up in arms, and the rhetoric is hitting yet another high as Republicans call for action to defund the FBI, the nation’s domestic intelligence and America’s principal federal law enforcement agency.

Remember the outcry from these same people when Defund the Police was galvanized by George Floyd’s death? Within days, “Back the Blue” inundated us with a vengeance. Fox Opinion Media Network was in a frenzy, with each anchor touting the insanity of defunding the police1.

Now those same people want to Defund the FBI! That’s insane! Since the raid, we’ve learned that Trump had highly classified information stored in the basement and locked behind a door with keys held
by people without clearance to be near sensitive top secret documents.

In the real world (opposed to the Fox world), Clas­si­fied inform­a­tion can only be looked at, read, or held by people in secure places. The basement of a resort is not considered a secure facility for classified information.

We don’t know why Trump took such sensitive information with him. I guess he planned on selling the data at some point. I’d wager a guess that he plans to flee the country if sentenced to prison, and those classified documents are the bargaining chip for another country to take him in. Say like Russia, for
instance, or North Korea, where Trump wants to build casinos on their coastline.

We may find out in due time what his end game is or was. But to Trump’s numerous supporters, I have one question: if it was Obama that the FBI raided, would you feel the same outrage as you do now? If your answer is no, can you tell me the difference?


1.      I am not a fan of the “Defunding the Police” movement. Instead, let’s increase funding to train police officers for the future to help them understand mental health issues and better ways to equip
them to de-escalate situations. I also think police should be equipped with dart guns so suspects can be taken into custody to pay for their crimes. I am tired of criminals getting killed and leaving us with no answers to why they committed such crimes.

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