U.S. Border Wall [SOLVED]

Maybe we should stop being Luddites when it comes to border walls. Do they even work? What is the actual goal of a wall, and does it have to be a physical wall, or can we do things that make them unnecessary? I will be looking at the United States Border Wall since I am more familiar with this one and the political implications surrounding it.

A wall keeps people out, for the most part, but it also keeps them inside. So a physical wall can act in two ways, and a government going awry can exploit this fact. If we want to get on the other side of a wall, we can:
1) go over it.
2) go under it.
3) go around it.

In the United States, we cannot watch over the entire wall length; large parts are left vulnerable to assault. But one can swim around it by taking a boat in either the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

Why do immigrants want to come to the United States in the first place? Many travel 2,000 miles or more to come here, hoping to find better jobs, education for their children, a safe place to live, and achieve the American Dream that America has promoted for over a century.

Yet, so many Americans don’t want them. Some of the reasons I’ve heard from people on the right-wing of politics have some bizarre reasons, but the one I hear the most is: “They are taking our jobs!”

Really? Are you fucking kidding me? What jobs are they taking in reality? Working farmer’s fields? Does the average American want to work picking fruit? Do they want to see their children picking fruit? No. And No. Okay, maybe that is a terrible example. What about being a maid for a hotel? A janitor? Gas Station clerk? Street sweeper? Let’s be honest and live in this reality, not the Conservative Media reality. What jobs do immigrants take that we spoiled Americans want? The answer is none.

When candidate Trump began his rhetoric about Mexicans coming to steal our jobs, I sent out a tweet and Facebook post that I took a lot of heat on but still stand by what I wrote.

Immigrants! Please do us all a favor and leave our country right away!
Then when we all starve to death, please come back and make America Great Again.

It is a true statement because none of us want those jobs, and we don’t want our children to have them. But, I can tell you one thing I see in the future: If we do not figure this out, there will come a day when we have to pay immigrants to come into our country to work.

My belief is: Walls do not work!

Not physical walls. But what about an economic wall? What if there was a way to lessen the number of people flowing into the country? I believe the solution is a semi-easy one, with the additional benefit of strengthening the power of the Americas at the same time.

Why is China such a powerful nation right now? For the most part, it is because of Americans. We have moved all of our manufacturing into China, enabling them a constant flow of revenue. As a result, China is a powerhouse, and in retrospect, we Americans have supported the growth of communism and authoritarianism.

But what if we paused and spoke to our nearest southern neighbors? What if we negotiated with Mexico and made a deal that if they created the manufacturing facilities, we would ensure United States Companies moved their operations from China to Mexico?

Labor is cheaper there than here. We have roads for truckers, and products are delivered faster and more affordable than via ships from China.

This would create more jobs in Mexico and stem some immigrants’ flow into America. They are coming for better jobs, aren’t they? Then we do the same in Guatemala and keep moving South. We can increase the wealth and power of the Americas, stem the onslaught of illegal immigration, and better the living conditions of our Southern neighbors, which will also help them move away from the drug cartels’ influence over time.

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