Who Are Your Friends?

#FOWC word of the day was ‘Selection.’ originally I was going to incorporate it in a short story I am writing called ‘The Red Men,’ which is based on Fandango’s word ‘update,’ but the more I tossed the word in my head the more I thought that the word needs to stand on its own, in a photo.

At the time (yesterday) I happened to be at a nudist resort with a group of friends for a cookout. I looked around at my friends and for the first time I noticed how different we are from one another, but how alike we are regardless of everything that should separate us based on some very idiotic social ideas.

I am blessed to have such a huge diversity of friends, I believe we are truly one people, all made from the same stardust.

What does your selection of friends say about you? Sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and really see who you are, other times it is a heartwarming experience.

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