What The Hell Does ‘WOKE’ Mean?

Woke: aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice). So why are all the Authoritarian American Politicians up in arms? Well, one thing is for sure, these fascists don’t want people to wake up because if they do, they (the people) will reemerge as “We The People” and not the “fearful sheep” politicians like Ron DeSantis want us to be.

“I Want Less Government!”

Yes, my initial gut conclusion was correct! The agenda of the Republican party, the Conservative Party, and the Libertarian Party are on the same general path for America. More for the rich and powerful and less for everyone else. It is dangerous to lump all of these right-wing fundamentalists into one cart as there are variations and disagreements between parties and even within the same party. But it seems there are more radicals driving the car and very few or weak-minded back-seat drivers amongst the parties.

The Continued War on Women!

Women beware! If you continue to vote them into office, you may find yourself teleported back in time and a slave to men. Women of the United States have fought long and hard to give you the rights you enjoy today. Don’t let their hard-won battles be for naught. Fight on. Squash these pigs, run for office, and make sure you codify the laws in your favor!

My Abortion Thoughts

But what about her? What would she think and feel? Would I hear her crying softly in the bathroom during morning sickness? Knowing my daughter, I believe she would cry and cry a lot.

My Second Amendment Conversation

I could have a zillion guns in my home with all the plans to keep the government from invading my land. I could be like the Bundy Ranch folks. The United States Law prohibits the Federal Government from sending a laser-guided missile from a drone and blowing my ass off planet Earth. The Constitution does not give me that protection in the Second Amendment.